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AI for Health

10 Use-cases

Automating the process of identifying organs (normal and abnormal) and areas of interest within each organ

From one size fits all to personalized medicines per each patient, by analyzing genomic sequencing & historical records

Extracting insights & anomalies from X-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, and others. Used for early & fast diagnisis of diseases

Identify and prevent medication related errors, possibly via outlier analysis and anomaly detection

In-operation guidance by recognizing components of critical view, highlighting areas where it’s safe to dissect, & more

Predict the Readmission Risk per patient, aimed at preventing readmissions and improving outcomes for patients

Monitor patients’ conditions (e.g. via blood pressure cuffs) and follow up with treatments, clinical advic, & more

Predict risk level of surgery, likelihood of the patient developing a complication, and recommended interventions

quickly extract insights from Pathological imagery like Tissue Slides, leading to much faster and more accurate diagnosis

Engage with patients to provide answers and insights to different inquiries, send reminders, & more

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