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AI for Business (Course)

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Most folks who could benefit from AI today don’t usually have the time to learn about it. Think executives, managers, consultants, or other professionals who aren’t directly working in AI – but can potentially leverage it to improve their work.


“AI for Business” is a course designed to help business professionals understand how to make use of AI, and better collaborate with data science teams. Major pillars:

       Intro to AI (types & how it works)

       AI use-cases (50+ in different markets & functions)

       How to select an AI project? (business & technical criteria)

       How to test an AI idea? (POCs, metrics)

       AI tech landscape (frameworks, services, & tools)

       Building AI teams (skills, seniority, outsourcing vs. in-house)

       Embedding AI across the organization (from POCs to an embedded capability in production)


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