I wish every human being could understand what AI is and how to use it to solve real problems. Throughout my work with hundreds of organizations in different parts of the world, I’ve witnessed first-hand the immense value it can bring when applied in the right context

AI-Cases.com was built to help anyone easily understand how to apply AI in their work, through a use-case first approach. We bring the most important use-cases per domain, and help you gradually understand them via three phases:

  1. Quick Intro: the problem, solution, and how AI is used under 2-5 minutes 
  2. Know More: case studies, deeper explanations, and technical introductions
  3. Do: data sets, notebooks/code, tutorials, research papers, technical videos/articles, off-the-shelf products                                        


More domains and use-cases to be added soon. If you need help applying AI in your work or implementing a certain use-case, feel free to reach out!

Omar Maher, AI Enthusiast