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Smart Call Center Operations

AI can help Call Centers reduce call volumes, decrease call times, and boost customer satisfaction at scale in ways never before possible. By providing in-depth real-time analysis of call data to support the agent and improve overall performance, recommending best resolutions, predicting the reasons customers are calling for, smart routing to best agents, and post-call analysis, AI is transforming the modern call center.

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ROI Examples
Data Needed

1. Get Inspired

Understand the Use-case under 5 minutes

2. Know More

Get to know more Business and Technical details about the use-case (15-30 minutes)

Deeper Intro

More detailed introduction covering business and technical aspects

Business Focused

Case studies, Organizational Aspects, Return on Investment examples

Tech focused

More details on the technical aspects of the use-case

3. Do

Technical resources that will help you implement the use-case (notebooks, tutorials..)

Data Sets

Data Sets you can use to build Demos, POCs, or test Algorithms

40 Open-Source Audio Datasets for ML

Over 2 Terabytess of labeled audio datasets publicly available and parseable ... This database has led to a publication for the 2020 Speech Prosody

Common Voice

An audio dataset that consists of a unique MP3 and corresponding text file (9,283 recorded hours). It also includes demographic metadata like age, sex, and accent. The dataset consists of 7,335 validated hours in 60 languages.

Call Center Data for AI

Summa Linguae has a catalog of off-the-shelf call center data sets available in a variety of languages. And if we don’t already have the data you need, we can collect it for you.


Off-the-Shelf Products using AI for Streamlining Call Center Operations

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