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Automate Customer Onboarding

Scan and extract data from customer documents faster with OCR/NLP, automate image forensic (comparing customer real-time photos with that provided in documents/IDs). Automate Documents Processing from consumers (e.g. KYC documents) applying for loans/accounts, or businesses applying for different services (e.g. contracts, legal documents)

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Data Needed

1. Get Inspired

Understand the Use-case under 5 minutes

2. Know More

Get to know more Business and Technical details about the use-case (15-30 minutes)

Deeper Intro

More detailed introduction covering business and technical aspects

Business Focused

Case studies, Organizational Aspects, Return on Investment examples

Tech focused

More details on the technical aspects of the use-case

3. Do

Technical resources that will help you implement the use-case (notebooks, tutorials..)

Data Sets

Data Sets you can use to build Demos, POCs, or test Algorithms

FUNSD (Form Understanding in Noisy Scanned Documents)

(FUNSD) comprises 199 real, fully annotated, scanned forms. The documents are noisy and vary widely in appearance, making form understanding (FoUn) a challenging task.

The RVL-CDIP Dataset

dataset consists of 400,000 grayscale images in 16 classes, with 25,000 images per class


Off-the-Shelf Products using AI for Customer Onboarding Automation

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